Friday, March 9, 2012

Why Digital Marketing And Advertising Is So Important For Automotive Dealerships?

David Andrew, aka "The Professor"
  It's been said that by 2014, the use of cell phones will be more than the usage of laptops. Of the 4 billion cellular phones being used worldwide, about one fourth of them are SmartPhones and at the very minimum SMS compatible. What does this mean for automotive dealerships? The automotive dealerships digital marketing and advertising space is heating up! Consumers nowadays are trying to find more and more information through their phones and through the use of the Internet. That means one thing, more competition for automotive dealerships!

People can do all kinds of things with their cell phones and computers. Everything from checking out the nearest coffee shop to checking out the status updates of their friends. With the click of a button, you can easily find all the information you need about a subject, a service, or a location. It's a simple fact of our current time that people are relying less and less on traditional forms of print media and publications for purchasing decisions. The truly great automotive dealerships are entering the automotive dealerships digital marketing and advertising medium every day! Computers and cell phones have continually updated information and are the smarter way to go about conducting your day to day business and social activities.

The sad fact of the matter is that most automotive dealerships aren't utilizing the Internet to get their advertisements across. Even though the effectiveness of print media is dying out, and costs to obtain paper and print media are up, traditional marketers are still trying to make use of this dying advertising medium. Traditional automotive dealerships advertising media like billboards, magazines and newspapers are more and more disconnected with their target audience compared to interactive digital media.

There are lots of ways for automotive dealerships to advertise on the Internet through digital marketing and advertising. One of them is to use Google Pay Per Click campaigns. Each time your automotive dealerships advertisement is clicked, you are charged a certain amount. You aren't charged every time the automotive dealerships advertisement is shown, just anytime someone clicks. Unlike traditional advertising where you are charged for total "eye on" (even not in market readership). Another way to use digital marketing and advertising to your automotive dealership's advantage is to show your advertisements in videos people are watching.

Dealership Digital AdvertisingSo what exactly is the point of all this? Digital marketing and advertising is your automotive dealerships best chance at getting new customers and to keep old ones coming back. Print media and older forms of advertising are far less effective. Their effectiveness has dropped by an irrefutable percentage since the advent of the Internet. With online marketing, automotive dealerships can see precisely who is generating clicks on your ads, the length of time they stay at your site, and whether or not they purchase something or sign up for your services. Nearly everything about a customer’s behavior can be tracked and used to your automotive dealership's advantage.

Take a proactive approach to your automotive dealership's marketing efforts and begin working with an online advertising agency at your next possible convenience. Look for online advertising companies with a proven track record of success and you'll be one step closer to achieving higher and higher amounts of sales with your digital marketing and advertising campaigns. Within a short time frame, you will have new customers and you'll be asking yourself why you didn't start with digital marketing and advertising for your automotive dealership earlier! 

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