Sunday, April 29, 2012

Learn the Ins and Outs of Social Media with Automotive Dealership Digital Marketing and Advertising

Learn the Ins and Outs of Social Media with Automotive Dealership Digital Marketing and Advertising

"TheProfessor"David Andrew, aka "The Professor"

Traditional media has some similarities that social media has, including participation from a limited audience similar to TV and radio. With that said there are tons of differences and online social media is a completely dynamic environment for automotive dealership digital marketing and advertising. While this is an abstract medium, it also opens up opportunities for open access to consumers. Effective automotive dealership marketers know that social media is a delicate medium. With a wrong step it can negatively affect your dealership brand and it's easy to seem pushy or unwanted. Web 2.0 is all about file sharing, social networking and more through sites like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube as the most well known. Along with these big three social networks there are also several niche social networks that cater more to specific interests, age groups and more. It's important to consider these smaller social networks too with automotive dealership digital marketing and advertising. There are business social networks like LinkedIn that provide ways to market in a targeted way and also free methods that are not available in other social media.

With such a delicate balance for brand reputation through these social networks, it's easy to see why many automotive dealership marketers stay away from large scale digital marketing and advertising on them. But with these warnings aside, there is a true power in this medium that is unrivaled in almost other form of advertising, and that is building up existing relationships with your consumers even further! If you have something you think many users of the social media would find truly interesting, then word of mouth on these sites can spread like wildfire! But that is the hard part, getting your message accepted by the general public in that social media. Add blogs and niche forums to the mix and you can quickly see how these community-oriented sites can be of value to advertise to! Input from the user community is essential here. You want precise feedback for your automotive dealership digital marketing and advertising campaign.

The internet provides an opportunity to reach out to a greater audience and allows you to reach targeted demographics for your campaign. In fact you can get so specific, especially with social media, that you can advertise solely to young mothers that like chocolate, or older gentlemen that have a passion for fishing. You can even branch off further by audience behavior and purchase intent. Automotive Dealership Social Media Digital Marketing and AdvertisingUnderstanding audience behavior is essential for any demographics and digital marketing and advertising can exploit that fact. Digital marketing and advertising can help you identify the most valuable demographics of your automotive dealership visitors to maximize your returns. There are three main ways to target your audience. The first is category targeting, which is based around what visitors are interested in, whether that be insurance, ice cream, financial services or travel. Secondly you can target profiles. This means targeting a specific age group, gender or location. Lastly you can target your audience with behavior targeting. With all of these options available, digital marketing and advertising is likely the best medium for really targeting a direct audience and should be looked at by any marketer.

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