Monday, April 30, 2012

Measuring Dealership Results with Digital Marketing and Advertising

Measuring Dealership Results with Digital Marketing and Advertising

"TheProfessor" David Andrew aka "The Professor"

How can you measure automotive dealership results with your digital marketing and advertising campaign? Surprisingly, some traditional measures work with digital marketing but digital marketing provides a much more immediate response from the target audience. This quick automotive dealership audience response comes in the form of open rates, viewing times of the site, click through rates and more. You can use these feedback tools to better gauge your automotive dealership campaign's success and often shows where improvement can be applied. First of all, you need to know what you are looking for with these tools at your disposal. With your campaign goals in mind plan out the stats you want to look for specifically. This might be what the specific number of visitors is to your website, awareness for your brand, conversion rates and more. Many automotive dealership businesses have recognized that automotive dealership digital marketing and advertising is more measurable than any other advertising medium.
Digital Advertising Measured Results for DealershipsSo what automotive dealership statistics can be tracked through digital marketing and advertising? There are many statistics that can be tracked, the most popular being bulk number of visitors that have been sent to your site from your automotive dealership ad campaign. But there are other stats that are trackable too for your ad campaign such as cost per click, cost per lead acquisition and more. If you have Google Analytics or a similar advertising program then you will have rapid up to date campaign information with dozens of statistic results that you can track. The most important thing to look at for your automotive dealership digital marketing and advertising campaign is the big picture. Is your ad campaign pulling your audience in and creating engagement? Or is your dealership campaign appearing pushy and without interest or value? Creating engagement and interactively are goals of successful online marketers. Successful marketers will accommodate changes to get closer to these objectives rather than stubbornly sticking with a failed digital marketing and advertising campaign approach.

Have you considered an automotive dealership e-mail campaign for your digital marketing and advertising? Many e-mail ad campaigns fail while a few succeed. The few that succeed focus on timing, plain text, testing, shaking up the campaign, flexibility, professionalism, never forgetting the basics, and finally consistent and rigorous testing. You have complete control over delivery time and when your e-mail is received, so make use of this accordingly. Plain text generally adds more to the audience for communication that is personal. E-mail attachments are a no and will get you flagged as a phishing scam even if you have a legitimate download. E-mail digital marketing and advertising campaigns should be spread out not just thrown together all at once. Stay professional with a genuine e-mail, there is no tolerance for typos in a professional e-mail! Finally, test and continue testing, continually check if your e-mail is white-listed or considered junk.

Keep these tips in mind and you'll be on your way to an ultra successful automotive dealership digital marketing and advertising campaign! Ignore them and you could end up stuck in a campaign where you are just constantly throwing money at methods you are too stubborn to change. Don't let that be you! See the big picture, review your target audience and learn to advertise through e-mail effectively!

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