Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Can Digital Marketing and Advertising through Gaming Work for Automotive Dealerships?

"TheProfessor"David Andrew aka "The Professor"

Perhaps the holy grail of advertising for promoting the essence of a brand name comes through gaming. Gaming plays a big part in digital marketing and advertising. Not online gaming but integrated in the landscape of a game! This makes the game more realistic while also connecting the business's brand to the audience and engaging them. This new digital landscape rewrites the rules of how brands and consumers interact with each other. If a company gets it right with advertising in games then the player/audience plays in the brand story.

This is truly a way to bring a automotive dealership brand closer to customers than ever before realized in TV ads, radio ads and other advertising venues. Along with gaming there are other great options to consider in automotive dealership digital marketing and advertising such as plain text ads, social media advertising and search engine ads. Search engine ads involve showing up on top of search by paying for this top ranking for relative content on search engines like Yahoo, Bing and Google. And plain text ads are less likely to get blocked by corporate firewalls compared to banner and video ads. Possibilities with digital marketing and advertising truly are limitless. Automotive dealerships have to think long term when considering gaming advertising strategies. These are advanced strategies that can grow new customers into the automotive dealership brand. But Gaming advertising is more than just future customer targets. Gaming Advertising reaches many age demographics.

So what are some common misconceptions about digital marketing and advertising? The first misconception is that it's quick. Advertising effectively is usually a slow process that can take patience to realize effective results. Ad campaigns that are too rushed often come across as false, spam filled or as too pushy. Another misconception is that digital advertising is cheap. Digital marketing and Digital Marketing in Gaming for Automotive Dealerships advertising takes time and commitment, which usually means a continual investment to build credibility. Many think that it's going to be easy starting an online ad campaign, but in reality there aren't many simple solutions available. Your automotive dealerships campaign's success depends upon careful planning and you may need professional assistance from an agency for large projects. Finally, many think that it will just work out. Chances are rare that a slapped together digital marketing and advertising campaign in the digital medium will be successful without proper research. You will have to invest to get your brand noticed, and seeking out your target audience's feedback is vital to your campaign's success! Embracing the context of ad campaigns, while making it accurate, easy to access, and community oriented, are four of the golden rules to follow to get off on the right track.

How do you target automotive dealership audiences effectively with your digital marketing and advertising campaign? This strategy involves tracking visitors through their journey online and finding their specific needs and habits. Targeting can increase the effectiveness of your campaign greatly but you have to find out what your main audience is looking for! There are a few things you can do today to get closer to your target audience. First, focus on which segments sound right such as idealized profiles of your customers. After studying data on these profile characteristics to find any targeting criteria you can use this knowledge to improve your return on investment (ROI). Second don't neglect the idea of re-messaging your past impressions. This may well create the most successful ROI through the whole digital marketing and advertising campaign! Finally use tools that give you information on your customers. Customer insights are crucial for digital marketing and advertising, and uncovering these will give you the best results.

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