Thursday, May 3, 2012

Automotive Dealership Digital Marketing And Advertising Is Growing in Size Every Day!

Automotive Dealership Digital Marketing And Advertising Is Growing in Size Every Day!

"TheProfessor"David Andrew aka "The Professor"

Even with ten years of consistent growth in automotive dealership digital marketing and advertising and over years of which were a 50% bounce, many businesses still haven't caught on and took action with marketing digitally. How far does the market need to grow before these automotive dealership marketers open up to the idea of digital marketing and advertising? It's a likely vision that over the next ten years everyone across the developed world will be able to access broadband internet that is high speed with any number of digital devices. Also, in the future over half of us are expected to buy products actively online! More and more will start spending more time on the PC rather than watching TV. In fact this reality could be less than ten years, it could be five years or even three! If you were the head of a automotive dealership marketing department could you really ignore the idea of digital marketing and advertising online? The opportunity available and growth online is incredible!

So what exactly is so great about digital marketing and advertising anyways? Did you know that the average individual now spends 14 hours online per week, which is now on par with the amount of TV they watch? That is a huge market to tap into, with exposure for anyone at over 50 hours a month. Another interesting statistic is that digital marketing and advertising's percentage of total advertising increased 100% in just three years to 15% of total in 2009, up from 8% of total in 2006. Big brands are catching on to this incredible growth in the sector. Their budget continually goes more towards online and digital advertising. Many automotive dealership companies are creating successful digital marketing and advertising campaigns but it takes careful integration. Persistent testing, retesting and revision are needed for a successful ad campaign online. The most successful automotive dealership campaigns will leverage the relative strengths of the online advertising medium and create organic links to open up engagement and feedback from their audience about their brand and message.
TV is now watched more and more online. In a recent survey 27% of users from Europe in the survey said that they regularly watch TV and video clips online. Of that group 57% in the age group 16-24 said they watch TV and video online! It's obvious that  digital Automotive Dealership Digital Media Marketing Is Growingmarketing and advertising is vital to the marketing mix for a automotive dealership business. But with that said, the automotive dealership industry has its own set of success rules and methods to avoid just like any other method of advertising. Most ad campaigns are defined by pay per click advertising, sponsored links and CPM. Pay per click advertising is when an advertiser mainly pays just when the audience clicks the ad to the business's site. Sponsored links are generally partnerships with other websites with an advertisement to the partnered business's site. Finally, CPM campaigns focus on exposure and the rate is determined by how often the ad is viewed rather than clicked. Combining these methods effectively and understanding when to use each one separates an average automotive dealership internet marketer from an expert.

In conclusion, the digital marketing and advertising industry is booming and has been for years. More and more people are going online to watch video clips and TV shows rather than watching TV itself. And automotive dealership marketers have several ways to approach internet advertising, with methods such as CPM advertising, sponsored links, and pay per click advertising. Digital media now accounts for over 15% of the advertising industry and is constantly growing. If you are an automotive dealership marketer then it's hard to ignore this booming digital marketing and advertising sector!

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