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Digital Marketing and Advertising Top Ten for Online Marketing

Digital Marketing and Advertising Top Ten for Online Marketing

The ProfessorDavid Andrew, aka "The Professor"

Building up your automotive dealership brand through online marketing is not something that comes over night.  There is a lot of competition and it takes great technique to make sure your brand grows rather than staying stagnant with little improvement.  We've created a top ten list of the best tips to get you results in online marketing and digital marketing.  Check below for the most effective brand building tips, tricks and techniques to really set your automotive dealership brand over the top.  Along with these tips, the most effective thing you can do for your brand is get professional help from a digital marketing and advertising company.  These tips and tricks involve everything from pay per click, marketing for social media, conversational marketing, email marketing, marketing for mobile search, affiliate marketing and search engine optimization.  Success involves leverage and tapping into traffic most of your competitors would never think about.

10.   Get involved with video marketing.  You don't want just some boring automotive dealership site with basic labels and pictures that won't excite traffic do you?  Instead create informative videos going from your expertise in the field.  No matter what that is, start from your strengths when creating videos.  You can send these through video sharing sites, start a YouTube and put them on your main website.
9.  Try out conversational marketing.  This method of online marketing is all about talking with other sites in your niche.    You can join forums and contribute there.  Leverage sites that have your sponsored reviews to really kick start a buzz about your site online.  This is a great way to build partnerships too.
8.  PPC Advertising.  Pay Per Click advertising has been around a long time as far as online marketing goes, and it still works magic if your dealership site is up to snuff.  Stick with the big guns like Google ads and do extensive research on keywords to optimize your campaign.
7.  Market on Social Media.  Create content on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.  Give your clients something interesting to talk about and build a strong subscriber base.  Stay active in your online communities with consistent daily updates.  Give out something for free or discount to people that visit your dealership page.
6. Email marketing.  Partner with agencies that have double opt in listings.  Try to leverage your e-mail list and network with sites that are focused on lead generation just as you are.
5.  Organization.  Make sure everything in your online marketing ventures is trackable.  If it's trackable and accurate, then you can improve it.
4.  Banner Advertising.  Advertising through banners can make your PPC campaigns most cost effective.  You will get more views which leads to more brand recognition
3.  Affiliate marketing.  Connect with major affiliate networks, and pay people that refer direct sales to your business.
2. Market through Mobile Search. Possibly the fastest growing online marketing medium. It's fast and easy to create a 'click to call' campaign.  There's really no reason not to do this.  You will need to develop a mobile version of your site to advertise through mobile.
1.  Search Engine Optimization.  This is the most important, because if you get it right the results are huge.  Let's face it, Google is still king.  Listing high on search engines will make your business extremely popular and lead to long term online marketing success.

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