Saturday, May 5, 2012

Digital Marketing and Advertising Tips and Tricks for Search Engine Marketing

The ProfessorDavid Andrew, aka "The Professor"

Everyone loves great advice right?  Well we're here with a huge pack of advice and tips from the pros about what you can do for great Automotive Dealership Search Engine Marketing results!  Who are we?  iPitCrew specializes in creating dynamic brand energy for automotive industry providers and automotive dealerships. We create dominant brand leadership for our car dealership clients by focusing first and foremost on the consumer's satisfaction. Our in depth data-driven engagement targets what the consumer's needs, this results in the delivery of needs driven, timely and engaging marketing and advertising messages. Customer acquisition, lead conversion or client management, iPitCrew advertising and marketing solutions deliver results for Automotive Dealership Search Engine Marketing.  With that said we know what makes Search Engine Marketing tick and we'd love to share our success with you!  If great tips and tricks on Search Engine Marketing excites you read below.

Our surprising number one trick is if you want your traffic to stay at your site, you have to give out traffic yourself.  Google especially looks kindly on sites that link out to other similar niche sites with Search Engine Marketing results.  So don't be stubborn with your traffic and try hard to keep them at your site, have effective links out to other related sites!  Even better if you can set up partnerships with these sites and trade links.  Give out linking love and you will receive linking love.  Do this along with our second top trick and you are on your way to a great ranking site.
Second you need to focus on quality content for your site.  Yeah this seems obvious, but content really is still king!  People need Automotive Dealership SEOsomething from your site, maybe it's just to shop around for a price on a certain car or maybe it's researching the market.  Figure out what you can provide and provide it well!  You bait links to your site the old fashioned way, by really servicing the traffic with the goal of them pulling more into your site with backlinks to you!  This is known as organic Search Engine Marketing.

Third, it's time to get with the times!  Figure out what's viral right now, some news or videos that are really popular in your niche and add your take/review on the topic!  You might just end up with some very fast traffic which can of course turn into customers and brand recognition.  Get with the times with social media too.  A facebook page is almost a must now, add your business to Yelp, Google Maps and possibly Twitter if you have enough updates to 'tweet' about.  Facebook traffic is very very effective for Search Engine Marketing and building a crowd of people.
Other media can help grow your site, you don't need to resort only to boring text articles on your car dealership site.  You can add videos, news feeds, podcasts and more.  SEM is more than just adding blue links and Google is finding ways to bring out top results for sites that include this media.  Keep these tips in mind and they will bring out the best for your Search Engine Marketing campaign success!

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