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Dealership Digital Marketing and Advertising - Do You Know About E-mail Marketing?

Dealership Digital Marketing and Advertising - Do You Know About E-mail Marketing?

The ProfessorDavid Andrew, aka "The Professor"

Has your Dealership heard about Email Marketing?  It could be the right way to advertise for your car dealership.  Sure it gets a bad rap with all the spam, phishing links and those 'get cheap viagra here' emails.  But e-mail marketing can be a cost effective, fast and reliable traffic source.  To do Automotive Dealership Email Marketing on your own takes rigorous testing and can take hours of learning methods to get even a semi-successful campaign!  As bleak of a picture as that is, there is a solution.  You can get help from an SEO company that specializes in effective Automotive Dealership Email Marketing campaigns.

Look for a top SEO company that can partner with you to flourish with an Email Marketing campaign.  Make sure they are a well known, experience digital marketing and advertising company that can serve dealerships in the automotive industry.  When you find that company that can really take automotive advertising to a top level of professionalism is when you can see fast success.  These companies are hard to find, especially when they offer up to date technologies with in the business experience to provide dealership incredible success!
It doesn't have to be with the largest SEO company out there, but rather find one that is focused on what's most important to you, email_marketingand that's your return on investment!  Affordable marketing is important all around of course.  If you're on an ultra tight budget or love doing it yourself, you can tackle the task of email marketing on your own.  In general these campaigns take lots and lots of testing before seeing any success.  Follow our 5 easy steps for Automotive Dealership email marketing success.

First you want to plan ahead.  This should include going over your budget if you choose to buy an e-mail list, conversing with your staff and going over possible problems with e-mail marketing (e-mail addresses being marked as spam is a big concern).  With your rough plan in place, set out some objectives.  Good objectives are to optimize response rate, bulk responses, or conversions to sales from those responses.  Next, shop around for an e-mail list that has people with as close to the niche interests as possible.  The more interested they are in your car dealership the higher conversion your responses will be and therefore sales!  A good e-mail list is everything, so do your best to shop around for a good one.  The best thing about a good e-mail list is you can repeat the e-mail blast over and over.  The e-mail list stays with you forever.

So, great you have your e-mail list in place but that's just the set up of Email Marketing.  Now we move on to the e-mail itself.  Make your 'call to action' obvious to your email list and show your intent clearly.  Compelling offers will mean the difference between success and ruin with your target audience.  This is where testing comes in handy.  Offer the same message, but test out variations and alternatives to the original message.  Next you'll have to decide how often you will be setting out your emails to your list.  Are these bi-weekly e-mails or monthly?  After you've decided this and have started getting your feet wet with your email campaign then it's time to revise and optimize.  With these steps in mind you're set and ready to have an amazing Automotive Dealership Email Marketing campaign.

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