Monday, May 7, 2012

Smart plans of action for Reputation Management in Automotive Dealership Digital Marketing and Advertising

Smart plans of action for Reputation Management in Automotive Dealership Digital Marketing and Advertising

The ProfessorDavid Andrew, aka "The Professor"

Is your car dealership site starting to grow more and more?  It may be time to implement a new strategy, reputation management.  Managing your car dealership's reputation involves dealing with negative commentary for your business in an effective way.  Even the best businesses experience negative feedback from clients.  A great example of this is the website Yelp, where consumers share their (usually negative) experiences with local businesses and review them.  Managing your reputation can be dealt with effectively in only one way, and that's treating the cause of the negative reviews.  Yes you can get away with some censorship but too much will often backfire on you and your business.  If your business is large enough you will start getting online reviews.  Do a Google search of your business and look for any keywords like "scam", "sucks", "bad service".  The role from taking action with reputation management is to drown out these negative reviews with positive ones.  Censorship is often just a displacement and doesn't treat the problem of what part of your service the complaints are coming from.

You can also hire a team like iPitCrew to do the reputation management for you.  iPitCrew is an agency that specializes in working Brand Reputationwith automotive dealerships and creating dominant brands online through services such as client management, customer acquisition, and lead conversion.  Their solutions include reputation building as well as delivering to consumer needs with timely messages.  iPitCrew can figure out the source of your negative client reviews and provide step by step solutions to these reputation management issues.  A positive or at the very least neutral reputation is at the top of the list for any growing business to protect and improve.  It's advised to go with professional help to improve your business's reputation online but you can also do it on your own.

A sliver of prevention is worth heaps of the cure in reputation management.  So when you first encounter negative feedback or a nasty mention in a comment keep these tips in mind to deal with it.  First ask yourself, does this negative feedback have merit?  If it does then open up the discussion and work harder towards solutions.  If it doesn't you can provide facts to the contrary or simply ignore the negative feedback.  Make sure to listen while communicating with a client that had a negative experience with you.  Your brand and reputation is on the line here.

Next you need to treat the symptoms of your problems with reputation management.  Optimize your communications such as investor relations, marketing, and PR to give off a better image and lay out facts that your negative clients overlooked.  Look into social media to further brand your content with images, video, text, and audio.  Sure doing this won't necessarily take the bad feedback away but you are taking steps to promote the brand in the ideal picture with facts supporting that.  These are the basics of a reputation management campaign.  If you choose professional help, see what services iPitCrew or another digital marketing professional can offer your dealership.

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