Thursday, May 10, 2012

Google News and Updates with Digital Marketing and Advertising for Website Optimization

Google News and Updates with Digital Marketing and Advertising for Website Optimization

David Andrew, aka "The Professor"

There are so many opinions and theories on what good effective SEO is.  Fortunately, we have news and updates sent out by Google constantly through their blog clearly saying their changes to their search engine so we can use this information for website optimization.  Google is the largest search engine by far!  If you can rank well in Google for some active keywords…you will get loads of traffic.  Google news and updates are sent out often by Google and any webmaster worth his snuff will react appropriately.  Generally there are three things to look out for from Google News and that is: rankings updates, changes to how Google crawls and indexes their websites, and updates to their clustering and grouping.  You can apply this yourself, or seek the help of a professional that can do the work of website optimization for you, which in the long run saves you time.

When shopping for a digital marketing and advertising company look for agencies that stand out from competing advertising agencies by aligning directly with dealership owners to focus on significantly lower advertising cost, while increasing traffic, sales, and ROI. Look for companies that strive for affordable marketing for your size of business. You don't necessarily need to find the largest website optimization company out there; but find one that strives for dealership owners return on investment as a top priority.  If you have the time to invest, you can do all this website optimization on your own, but there is certainly a learning curve to it.

Once your site has been 'crawled' by a search engine index (if you are unsure how to do this please research it) you will want to make sure your news stories are easy to find and discover by Googlebot.  You need to make sure your news fits Google's criteria, which includes unique quality content, a static URL and more.  You can find all the details at Google's support section.  A news sitemap is the next thing to create to get crawled by Googlebot.  You need a subsection specific to news on your website for Googlebot.  This will usually look something like with a clear subsection devoted to news updates. For website optimization and to list higher in Google news you need frequent updates and a good amount of traffic coming in.

The next step for website optimization is all about understanding grouping and clustering.  When an important news story is released it will be clustered into a single group about that one topic.  For example when the Giants won the super bowl that was grouped into a cluster on Google news.
The final thing to keep in mind for Google news website optimization is ranking.  News story ranking by Google does its best to determine which stories are most important and will be ranked accordingly.  Things like number of articles produced, breaking news, and time of delivery will boost news story ranking and help you achieve website optimization for Google News.  Keep your head up and keep trying new strategies for your dealership site!  Stay on track, follow the rules by Google and you might not win immediately, but you’ll be a step up from the other guy getting dropped in indexes as he wonders why.

Originally published @ Digital Scene


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